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Rental Home in Athens Duplex Style!

The Baron's Upstairs Apartment Rental Home

This 1728 square foot second floor apartment of this renovated barn has 3 bedrooms (one with a deck overlooking the Dutch Creek Valley which could be a studio, TV, exercise room instead.)  It offers an open kitchen/ living/ dining room and ONE full bath with tub.  Central Air Conditioning and free gas furnace for heat (while gas well lasts which really should be forever, but if not, you will be responsible for the propane should that ever happen.)

You have access to a main level patio and 2 covered parking spots.

There is a full time rental on the first floor so we need quiet tenants as the insulation between is not sound proof.  NO PETS!

Room sizes:  Kitchen 9x12, Bath 7x8, Living Area 13x24, Bedroom 1 and 2 are 10x11 each, and the big room with sliding doors to balcony is 11x20

Rent is $1205 and  includes free gas heat as mentioned above, lawn care, access to a dumpster on site, Frontier internet, and minimum water (Sunday Creek Valley increases will be passed along.)  NO pets due to the tenants below.  Maximum 2 tenants.   Tenants responsible for electric, extra water if used over minimum.

RENT $1200

 Check out the Detailed Photos Tab for more pictures!

 Rented Through July 15, 2023

Baron's Lower Apartment

Two bedrooms and two walk in closets/ office/ exercise spaces with 2 full baths in this first floor only space with no stairs and a covered porch.  Large open floor plan with full kitchen (new in 2021) including a dishwasher and a large family room complete with vinyl plank flooring (new 2021).   The upstairs is the Baron's Apt full time rental.  Entrances and parking are at opposite ends of the building so no worries!   Washer & dryer.  Outdoor fire pit.

The gas fireplace offers ambiance and supplemental warmth in the winter (in addition to electric heat) and a portable air conditioner in the main area offers coolness during the summer.  


Room sizes:  Kitchen 12x8, Bath 7x12, Bath 6x7, Laundry 5x5, Dining 7x12, Open Living Space 24x24, Bedrooms 12x12, closets 11x11.   

Check out the Detailed Photos Tab for more pictures!  Photos & video do not show new kitchen!

Rent $1200 per month:  includes free gas while gas wells last but it is not guaranteed to always be available, lawn care, access to a dumpster on site, Frontier internet, and minimum (as Sunday Creek Valley increases water, tenant is responsible for increases and any use over the minimum being paid for in rent.)   

Rented Through July 31, 2023